Many find it difficult to choose a career that best suits them in life. If you find yourself in this situation, Exprenza will guide you through this difficult situation by providing right solutions to your questions to ensure you choose the best career path.

At Exprenza, we know it is a huge decision both financially and emotionally to apply for higher education abroad and that is why we are he re to help you make the right decision.

Our qualified members of staff are always available to help you identify your professional goals, make the right academic decision, and also to give personal guidance to help choose courses that best suit your personal goals or career.


There are many scholarships available to help students who cannot afford to study abroad.
Here are few of them:

  1. Erasmus Mundus Scholarships 
  2. Austrian Government Scholarships
  4. CIUF-CUD Scholarships in Belgium for Developing Countries 
  5. Czech Government Scholarships for Developing Countries 
  6. Eiffel Scholarships in France for International Students
  7. Italian Government Scholarships for Foreign Students 
  8. Bocconi Scholarships in Italy for International Students 
  9. Amsterdam Merit Scholarships for Excellent International Students 
  10. Holland Scholarship
  11. Radboud Scholarship Programme
  12. UNIL Master's Grants in Switzerland for Foreign Students
  13. GSE Scholarships in Economics for Developing Country Students 
  14. Spanish Studies Abroad
  15. DAAD Scholarships
  16. Ignacy Lukasiewicz Scholarship Program
  17. EEA and Norway Grants
  18. High North Fellowship Program


We give educational loan guidance throughout the loan application process to all our clients. We also have a list of Banks offering Loans at affordable rates.
You must fulfill the following conditions when applying for a study loan:

  1. A co-applicant is a must (could be parents, a sibling or a spouse)
  2. For loans between Rs 4-7.5 lakhs a third party guarantor is required
  3. Collateral needs to be provided for student loans above Rs 7.5 lakhs
  4. Loan repayment commences 6 to 12 months after course completion
  5. If a student goes abroad, lender recovers the remainder from co-applicant
  6. Indian nationals of age between 16 to 35 years, pursuing graduate/postgraduate degree and PG diplomas

Documents required

  1. Mark sheet for last qualifying examination for school and graduate studies in India
  2. Proof of admission to the course
  3. Schedule of expenses for the course
  4. Copy of letter confirming scholarship if any
  5. Copy of Foreign Exchange permit (if available)
  6. Two passport size photographs
  7. Statement of borrower's bank account for last six months
  8. Income Tax assessment order not older than two years
  9. Brief statement of Borrowers Assets and Liabilities
  10. If not a customer of the lending bank provide proof of identity and residence

IELTS Training / PTE

Exprenza is an authorized partner of IDP- IELTS and we prepare our clients for both IELTS and PTE tests.

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) measures the language proficiency of people who want to study or work where English is used as a language of communication.

PTE Academic is a computer-based test of English for study abroad and immigration. It assesses the real-life English skills you will need at university and living abroad. It tests your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in an integrated way that reflects real-life settings, as well as testing academic skills.

Admission guidance

We give the admission guidance for the students seeking admission into Universities abroad.

At Exprenza, we pay proper attention to every detail about your application to make sure that you have no problem. We help with the Statement of Purpose and References.

Our recommendations are always considered by the Universities admission committees. We also follow up your admission with the Universities of your choice to ensure a Positive and Rapid Response. We also give relevant information to guide you during this process.

Visa assistance

We assist all our clients in the entire Visa application process such as filling of Visa application forms, preparing financial statements, and also guidance and training for interviews and much more.

We are always advised by the consulates about the latest Visa documentation, rules and we have high success rate. All Exprenza students enjoy free Visa guidance for all countries.

Travel and relocation

We help you to book your flights tickets well in advance to ensure ideal departure dates, routes and also best discounts.

Not only that we book flight tickets for but we help to book the right airline for excess baggage schemes. Many International Airlines offer special schemes for students and our staff can help you with this information.

Post landing assistance

After your arrival in the new country, we will pick you up from the airport and transport you to your destination, we help you to get a good accommodation close to your university that is not expensive; we assist you through your university registration process and also we help you in opening bank account.

So don't worry we make things easier for you.

Courier Service

We are working together with DHL services as our official courier partner and we offer very discounted prices for couriers to international destinations. Students and candidates who applied for migration programmes to Canada or other countries can choose our services with discounted prices to send their documents.