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Study In Slovakia

Republic of Slovakia is a situated in the heart of Europe with 5.4 million of population and this land is full of castles and mountains. After the collapse of Czechoslovakia, a new country called Slovakia has emerged as a self-assured, independent nation. Bratislava, the capital city attracts tourists to their ethnic cultured old town and many other iconic places. Slovakia is bordering with Poland, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic and Ukraine.

  • Slovakia is having ECTS- European Credit Transfer System introduced on 2002 and which is acceptable on the most of different countries in Europe.

  • Students need to obtain 30 credits for one semester or 60 credits for an academic year.

  • Higher education level is classified into bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and third level degree is Doctoral study Programme

  • Study programmes which is chosen by the student must be accredited by the ministry of education, science, research and sport of Slovak Republic.

  • Slovakia is a member of European Union, Schengen Agreement and NATO.

  • Living cost in Slovakia is very lower comparing with other western European countries. It is also one of the highest productivities within EU.