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Germany is notorious in the name of Adolf Hitler. But Germany is such a good country pursuing lot of things. Here are the few…

  • Germany is known as the country of poets and thinkers.
  • It is one of the world’s largest car producers
  • German is the most widely taught third language across the world.
  • The Christmas tree (Tannenbaum) tradition came from Germany.
  • Most taxis in Germany are Mercedes.
  • In Germany there’s no punishment for a prisoner who tries to escape from jail, because it is a basic human instinct to be free.
  • University is free for everyone (even non-Germans).

Last, but not the least …take the point from above.

Now, no wonder why students from all over the world are coming to Germany for higher education and why Germany becoming the first choice study destination for international students.

Not only the cost matters, but also the quality.

Let’s have a look at the core reasons why Germany is the ideal option for international studies

1. World class Education

Now “Made in Germany” is a seal of quality either for cars or for education. There are 43 universities in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2018 top 500, with 10 in the top 100:-Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (34)-The Technical University of Munich (41)-Heidelberg University (45)-Humboldt University of Berlin (62)-RWTH Aachen University(79)University of Freiburg (82)-Free University of Berlin (88)-Technical University of Berlin (92)-University of Tübingen (94)-University of Bonn (100).

2. No Tuition Fees

Germany has made public universities nearly free by abolishing tuition fees for both domestic and international students, since 2014. But, you will need to pay a semester contribution, depending upon the university cover administration and other costs per semester.

3. Living cost is low

Living in smaller town in Germany is affordable as it provides high standard of living and Berlin is marked as one of the cheapest capitals to live. Day-to-day commodities are available at reasonable price enabled by free market economy.

4. Learn the skill of German

Learning one of Europe’s most dynamic languages, German is literally awesome as it opens door to kind of job opportunities .You are getting the perfect time to solidify your German language skills.

5. Immense job opportunities

A degree from a German university will significantly benefit your career. The Greatest thing is, you can stay in the country for up to 18 months to look for a job related to your qualification.

6. Explore Europe

Germany is connected to Europe and the rest of the world by bus, boat, and airplane. Having a German student visa, you are allowed to travel to 26 countries without any restrictions. Thus you can explore the entirety of Europe

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