Spain officially the Kingdom of Spain is largest country in Southern Europe, the second largest country in the European Union and sixth largest country in terms of population in Europe. It is the only country in Europe having physical border with an African country. Spain is a high-income country with highly developed economy having the world’s fourteenth largest economy by nominal gross domestic production. King Felipe VI as a head of state with secular parliamentary democracy and a parliamentary monarchy. Spain is also member of UN, Eurozone, European Union, NATO, OECD, WTO and Schengen Area. In terms of tourism, Spain ranks the second position in the world with 82 million tourists. Health care system provided by the Spain is free to all the citizens of Spain and considered as one of the best in the world as per the WHO. Spain hold the second position after china for the extensive high-speed rail track in Europe with a 3, 500 km of high-speed tracks. Madrid is the capital and largest metropolis of Spain and other major cities include Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Málaga and Bilbao.

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